The work that I create allows me to explore a metaphysical space in which societal stigmas and conventions are challenged or condemned. I draw upon my own personal feminine experience and address these occurrences through photography and film. Humor is an integral part of my personality and is at the root of my compositions. I like to use humor as an aid to critique certain sensitive topics with a light and airy intonation.  By generating activated sets and humorous character profiles, I bring my creations to life through energetic photos and fast-paced film productions. While my video and film revolve around the effeminate and sexuality, my illustrative work dives into the tropes of the satanic/maniacal.  

My occultist imagery manifests in the form of highly saturated bright colors and pastels. The use of color helps to unite my camera work with my drawings. I use these color schemes and world-building mechanics by means of escapism and reclamation over the uncontrollable. These intense colors have branded themselves as internet palettes that call for my work to live and breathe in the digital dimension. My work is best viewed online, alluding to its intrinsic qualities. The digital realm allows for individuals to experiment with an identity that cultivates a platform to depict characters that belong to a community where everyone is welcomed.
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