The Insider​ was a project derived from the current pandemic that we’re are all enduring. Since this crisis abruptly stopped my original thesis, I needed to cultivate an entirely new project, and quickly. As days passed and the life of quarantine seemed to become more “normalized” so did my lack of hygiene and presentation. After speaking with some of my other “femme” friends about this newfound grime, it seemed to be a common thread amongst us all, to be less inclined to shower and dress for the day. This new way of living has opened my eyes to the untamed femme. Presenting questions like, do we really need to follow proper hygiene and grooming in order to be effeminate? And, are we engendering a new type of woman during these unprecedented times?
In order to address these questions, I created a magazine series highlighting this new lawless femme land, along with headlines and article titles pertaining to the times. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the covers to unveil a new femme standard and the fun stories that mysteriously lie within its pages.
Side Note​: For most optimal viewing use a desktop or larger device.

"The Insider: WTF?" 2020.

"The Insider: Quarantine" 2020.

"The Insider: Pluck 4 What?" 2020.

"The Insider: Munch" 2020. 

"The Insider: Fat N Sassy" 2020.

"The Insider: Covid-19" 2020.

Installation Screen Shot of "The Insider" on the Rutgers BFA thesis website.

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